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Dubai - Statistics & Facts

  • The Epicentre of worlds riches Region , Dubai is nestled at the strategic crossroad of Europe , Asia and Africa . The City taps a vast hinterland comprising 3 continents , 196 Nationals , 5 Million People, and USD 360 Billion
  • Over 120+ Shipping lines and 125 Airlines connect to over 165 Global Destination
  • The most populous city in the UAE that accounts for more than a third of the Urban Population , with a cosmopolitan mix of expatriates that comprise primarily Asians , Arab Nationals and Europeans
  • A superlative infrastructure in transportation,telecommunication and finance
  • Surging rise in tourism , with the growth rate within last 5 years that has not been emulated in any other part of the world
  • A haven for business- Dubai has no corporate taxes ( except for oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks ). Also, low import duties with no personal income capital or withholding taxes, and no foreign exchange controls
  • Opulent lifestyle that offers luxury , leisure and exclusive comforts
  • Sporting capital of the region , hottest global tourist destination ,leading commercial hub and idyllic holiday spot
  • Stage to globally awaited events such as the Dubai shopping festival , Dubai open tennis , Dubai desert classic , Dubai Formula F4 Circuit Race, Dubai food Festival and Much Awaited Expo 2020

Dubai- Life Style

  • Dubai is land full of riches , in every sense of the world . A tourist 's paradise with sense -stimulating pleasure ; a nature lovers retreat with sun, sea and sports ; a corporate global hub with competitive , razor-edge features ; this city if gold has it all
  • A thriving and sophisticate metropolis , Dubai redefines the concept of city living with its unique combination of pristine beaches , spectacular hotels , abundant golf courses , world-class shopping and opulent residences . where the conveniences and comfort of the modern world co-exist with the gracious lifestyle of the past . Dubai brings to its multinational community ; a fusion of culture & traditions , fun & festivity

Dubai- Destination Prosperity.

  • Dubai reminds you of the fairy tale of yore, where you rub a wishing lamp and your dream comes true .All you have to do is think out your fantasy , and it takes tangible shape in his land of delights
  • A City that has literally risen from dust , Dubai today offers luxury and grandeur in every aspect of life .And has become the preferred destination of work , leisure and play on the global map

Dubai - Free Hold

  • A lot needs to be researched when buying property, especially when it comes to your entitlements. Before deciding to invest in a property, it is important to understand the difference between freehold and leasehold property and the rights and responsibilities owning a freehold property gives you, before you take the step to buy it.
  • Owning freehold is usually much better than leasing for one main reason: control. As the owner, you can generally do what you want with your home provided you keep within the rules and the law.
  • In 2001, the Dubai government agreed to allow expats to have a 99-year lease of particular Dubai property, but in May 2002, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai issued a decree allowing foreigners to buy property on freehold ownership. The decree sparked the real estate boom in Dubai's residential property.
  • The Dubai system offers freehold to owners of all nationalities, but in the case of high-rise and multiple occupancy buildings exactly what that means in terms of legal title has yet to be completely defined.
  • Freehold areas in Dubai include plots in Jebel Ali, the Palm Island projects, The World islands, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills and Al Barsha, among others.
  • Registration of your property with the Land Department is important to claim full ownership. Once a property is completed and handed over to the purchaser, the developer must register the title to the property in the name of the purchaser in the Real Property Register at the Land Department.
  • Land will be registered in the name of a foreigner only after the developers submit a no-objection letter, stating that all the payments for the transaction have been made.
  • The Dubai Freehold law specifies the functions and responsibilities of the Department of Land and Property, which has so far been doing all the work without much legal clarity. As per the law, the department will determine the survey areas; approve the land map and the fees for the services provided by the department.
  • There is no way for a foreigner to own property in non-designated areas. If a foreigner wishes to own property in the non-designated areas, a long lease agreement is the best bet.
  • Long leases differ from freehold property. Long leases in areas other than those designated cannot be registered at the Land Department by foreigners under the new Law. However despite this, these leases remain as personal rights and are legal. Unregistered long leases in areas outside of the designated ones remain enforceable as personal contractual rights between the parties. In regards to any dispute that might arise from an unregistered long lease, judgment will be passed by the Rent Committee.
  • As far as residency is concerned, in principle, a person could own a property in the UAE and choose not to reside in the property, so you do not need to be a resident to buy freehold property as it could be your holiday home. Developers offer visas with property purchase where buyers are entitled to a six-month multiple entry visa. According to Gulf News, a recent cabinet decision entitles foreign property owners to a three-year residence visa if they buy a property worth Dh1 million or more, however this is not yet a law. Ownership of property and residency or sponsorship are interrelated but should be looked at separately.

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